Did you know that employee theft costs employers $50 billion yearly? About 95% of U.S. businesses are impacted by employee theft. 

Having a security guard company wouldn’t just help you save money, but it’d keep you and your employees safe. But choosing the right company can seem like a challenge.

You might wonder what to look for in the right company. While it might seem difficult to pinpoint the right business, it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide on the top qualities in your next security guard company today. 

1. A Reliable Company

When hiring security guards, a high-value company will be reliable. Their security officers will have the licensing and experience necessary. 

Security guards also need to have strong problem-solving skills and effective communication. Problem-solving skills will help them handle dangerous and uncertain scenarios.

It’s also vital that security guards can act fast. Urgent situations call for them to think and act fast. 

They need to be able to communicate information between managers, team members, and your business. Security guards need to show up on time for your business. 

2. Understands Your Needs

When choosing a security guard company, pick one that understands your needs. Each company will have its own security needs unique to their business.

For example, you might require visitors’ credentials before they can enter. Or maybe you’d like security guards at the entrances and exits of your company. 

3. Proper Training 

Important security guard qualities include proper training. When they’re properly trained, these guards will know how to act in an urgent situation. 

They’ll also have the training necessary to protect your team and customers. There are various types of training they can take. 

Some types include: 

  • Security procedures
  • Conflict resolution
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Firearm use
  • Report writing
  • Crowd control
  • Documentation
  • Observation 

Training should be ongoing for them to stay up-to-date. When they understand current trends in the industry, it helps them have a leg up on the competition. 

4. Effective Communication

Communication is one of the most essential qualities. They can listen to the needs of people and decide how they’ll respond. A proper security guard can know how to diffuse a dangerous situation. 

As a security guard, they’ll need to be able to communicate with people from various walks of life. This could include law enforcement, customers, executives, employees, and others. 

Security guards are often the first to the scene. Due to this, they need to effectively communicate the situation to management, EMS responders, and the police. 

They’ll need to discuss how it was handled and the specific incident/incidents. Security guards will take notes and then transcribe them into reports for you to reference.

Effective communication will also include body language. Body language needs to match communication. 

5. Trustworthy

Security guard characteristics need to include trustworthiness. If they overhear a conversation, they need to maintain confidentiality. 

Some parts of their job that require trustworthiness could include:

  • A keyholder in the company
  • Checking identification
  • Watching who enters and exits the building 
  • Overhearing conversations
  • Being in locations with sensitive information 
  • Being mindful of your business operations 

Honorable guards will never sell or steal your information or secrets. They also won’t gossip with your employees. Security guards need to be honest and never divulge information. 

6. A Strong Screening Process

Don’t go with a company that’s enticing because they cost less. Remember that it’s vital you get what you pay for. 

A trustworthy security company will have guards who are properly vetted. Ask the company about their interview process. 

See if it includes questions about what they’d do in certain situations, behavioral questions, etc. Diving into their experience, skills, and job history are also important. Drug tests, psychological tests, background checks, and references are also necessary. 

7. Past Success

Look into their past experiences in the community and their reputation. Check online for reviews and testimonials. See what their community presence, recognition, and awards look like. 

A strong security guard needs to: 

  • Be calm in high-pressure situations 
  • Know how to manage difficult people 
  • Be assertive when necessary 
  • Have decision-making skills 
  • Be able to take over in emergencies to keep everyone safe 

8. Customer Service Aptitude

You want a security guard who won’t treat every customer as a suspect. Remember that a trustworthy security guard is there to give your customers and employees peace of mind. They need to be attentive and alert without treating others as suspects. 

9. Professionalism 

Not only do they act the part, but they look the part as well. They’ll show up in clean uniforms, exuding a sense of professionalism. 

Having a security uniform will allow others to go to them if there’s a problem. Your employees and customers will feel safer knowing they’re there to help. Not having this could spell out a poor reputation for your company. 

Picking Out The Top Security Guard Company

Picking out the right security guard company can feel like a challenge, but this guide should help. Consider printing out this list and being mindful of it as you interview security companies. 

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