Feeling safe is a top priority for humankind. This means feeling safe, both physically and mentally. There is a reason that many private citizens and organizations alike are seeking the help of a security guard company to ensure their safety.

In fact, recent statistics show that one in seven workers say that they do not feel safe at their place of employment, and every year, almost two million people fall victim to workplace violence.

If you feel unsafe, or you worry about whether you or your business has adequate protection, it is time to get help. However, not every security guard company is the same. You want the best security guard service there is.

Keep reading to discover how you can find it.

Types of Security Guards

First, when beginning vetting options for the right security guard company, it is important to understand that there are multiple types of security guards. Security guards can vary greatly. You want to select one that has the type of experience you desire and is qualified for the type of work you need.

Here are a few types of security guards available on the market.

  • Armed guards
  • Corporate guards
  • Event guards
  • Executive guards
  • Industrial and construction guards
  • Mobile guards
  • Plainclothes guards
  • Residential guards
  • Retail guards
  • Unarmed guards

As you can see, you will want to select the type of security guard you are looking for before starting your research. You will want to focus your research on one of these distinct areas.

Company Reputation

When choosing a security guard company, a critical element is finding one with a history and reputation of excellence. Preferably, they should have a superior track record in your community.

If the security guard company possesses little or no experience, this would be a great risk to you, and counterintuitive to what you are looking for. Building an excellent reputation takes time and serves as evidence that they offer quality services.

Training and Certification

Further, the employees of the security guard company should be top-notch. This means that you want to know that they have the training and certification necessary to perform their jobs well.

Being a security guard is not the simplest in terms of profession. The best security guard has attention to detail, tremendous vigilance, honesty, and the ability to work under pressure.

Security guard teams need the right amount of training and certification to deliver the best services. They provide a service to keep you safe. If they do not have the proper training and knowledge to perform their duties effectively, your safety is at risk in the event of an emergency, and that is not what you are paying for.

Compliance and Insurance

Along the same lines of certification, there are state, local, and federal laws and regulations for a security guard company to abide by. Does the security guard company possess the correct licensure? It’s a must!

The security guard company must be able to provide proof of adequate insurance coverage. Their insurance must have liability, bond, and workers compensation included in it.

Experienced Guards

The best security guard will draw from a wealth of experiences, such as law enforcement and military experience, as sources. They may also have previous experience in security jobs, too.

When vetting a security guard company, you can ask about their onboarding process. Ask how they train and mentor security guard new hires. Especially if you are looking to hire armed guards, you need security guards with a high level of professional experience.

Customer Centric

A security guard company is only as good as the way they inspire confidence in its customers. The number one priority for a security guard is to protect their client or clients. It is about more than protecting the people they serve from intruders.

The security guard aims to give their customers peace of mind, on top of protecting them from physical harm. The best security guard is alert and attentive. They do not treat every person they see as a suspect because they know how to evaluate every situation.

Professionalism and Good Communication Skills

When hiring a security guard company to keep you safe, even if they can physically keep you safe, if their communications are poor or unprofessional, you will still be unhappy. That is why it is important that when you vet a service, you pay close attention to how they communicate with you. If they are unprofessional or slow to respond, move to a company that will treat you better.

Recommendations and References

Now, if all the above checks out, there is one more factor to consider. What do their real-life past and current clients have to say? Ask the security guard company for references and contact them before considering a partnership with them. Ask their other clients about their quality of service, their communications, and their response times.

Beyond that, these are contacts that the company is offering you. Do some research via Google searches and look for online reviews. Check Facebook, Google reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and other sources of information.

Likewise, it may be best to ask family, friends, and colleagues from the beginning. Referrals are often the very best source for finding the best security guard company.

Hiring a Security Guard Company

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