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If you are a business owner or the head of an establishment such as a school or a church, you may have considered hiring security guards. One choice that you will have to make if you want to hire guards is if you need armed or unarmed ones. While armed guards initially sound safer, in some cases, unarmed guards may be more appropriate for your business or establishment.

The major difference between an armed and an unarmed guard is the former possesses a firearm. However, unarmed guards also have non-deadly weapons such as batons, tasers, and the likes. Generally, armed guards have more training and license requirements compared to unarmed guards, but both have first aid training and physical training. Additionally, armed guards are more expensive and carry more liability compared to unarmed guards.

Security Now USA has been a security agency in CA for more than 40 years. We provide fast and reliable licensed security personnel, all with law enforcement and/or military background available 24/7.

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How To Choose Between Armed Or Unarmed Security

1. Services/Business Type

Choose Armed Guards if:

  • You store or transport large sums of money or expensive valuables such as jewelry, equipment, etc.
  • You organize big events that draw large crowds, VIPs, and the media
  • You operate during off-hours

Choose Unarmed Guards if:

  • Your establishment is relatively low-risk; small stores, churches, community centers, etc.
  • You have been having petty thefts from customers or employees, attempted break-ins, minor disturbances
  • You operate during daytime

2. Location

Choose Armed Guards if:

  • Your business is located in a high-risk and violence-prone area, and you or your neighboring businesses have experienced major robberies, break-ins, and other dangerous scenarios

Choose Unarmed Guards if:

  • Your area has little to no record of violence or crimes but still want to provide a safe environment for your employees and customers

3. Budget and Liability

Choose Armed Guards if:

  • You are willing to pay a higher price for security
  • You are willing to accept liability from any incidents that may occur such as the firing of a firearm

Choose Unarmed Guards if:

  • You are in a tight budget
  • You are hesitant to accept major liability brought about by the possession of a firearm

4. Access To Law Enforcement

Choose Armed Guards if:

  • You are operating in a private property that requires permission before law enforcement can enter
  • You are far from the nearest police office, or your location is difficult to reach

Choose Unarmed Guards if:

  • Your business is open to the public
  • You are close to the police station, or your area is accessible and easy to find

Security Now USA Offers Trusted Security Service All Over The Country

Ensuring the safety and security of your employees, customers, and other stakeholders should be one of the top priorities of any big or small business and establishment, whether it may be armed or unarmed security guards.

In Security Now USA, you are assured of the safety of your business or establishment as long as our guards are around. We offer 24/7 security services with high-trained, licensed, and insured guards. We also take pride in our easy-to-access online system that offers fast online booking, real-time location, history, and incident reports, and a direct line to your guard on duty.

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