Many businesses run the risk of break-ins or other security issues, for example, almost 90% of small businesses suffered from theft in 2021. For this reason, many organizations need to establish strong security to ensure the safety of their workers and assets. So, how can you be sure if you are an at-risk business, so you can take steps to prevent such issues?

The following are six examples of industries where you might want to think about investigating security guards for hire. If you are in one of these areas of business, consider whether you and those who work there would benefit from a little more safety in your role.

1. Retail Establishments

When working in a shop or other retail location, there is every chance people are going to take advantage of what you sell. Shoplifting is a regular occurrence, and as such security guards can often both work as a preventative and responsive measure.

You are also able to use security staff to investigate issues that they might find suspicious. If people are acting in an odd way, security teams can keep an eye on them to ensure they do not cause problems.

As well as acting during a theft, they can also provide a high level of customer safety during specific times. If you open during Black Friday, for example, or any other busy time, you may need to ensure customers remain calm. Security guards can act as crowd control, preventing injuries if a rush occurs.

Should conflicts occur between customers at any time, security staff are also well-placed to step in. They have training in dispute resolution and de-escalation that could help in many such situations.

2. Corporate Offices

Many corporate venues have front desks that require security, instead of or as well as reception staff. Security services can ensure people have access should they need it, and can even check IDs to make sure people are who they say they are. With training, you can even give the security staff access to the software you use to create badges or verify visitors’ identities.

Armed or unarmed security personnel, depending on your needs, can also work patrol routes either in a building or on a business campus. This allows there to be visible movement through the offices at all times and ensures they have eyes on important areas. They can also enact security audits or evaluations, giving you more information on areas you might need to improve.

Another way security staff can come in useful is by taking responsibility during an emergency. They can ensure people evacuate the buildings when they need to, and liaise with emergency services should they arrive.

3. Event Management

Before an event starts, security services have the training and capacity to make a full risk assessment for a venue. They can give you all the information you need to ensure a location has adequate security before the event even begins.

When the event starts, you may have VIPs. A lot of the time, these people demand security teams and may not have their own. You can ensure the safety of people working with you and gain a good reputation by hiring the best security you can find.

As some events may take place over a large area, you may also need information on where each hire is at any given time. By working with a well-prepared security company, you can have up-to-the-minute data on the location of each security guard. By having direct contact with and between each guard, you can ensure adequate security protection for the whole event at all times.

4. Healthcare Providers

Many healthcare facilities need security staff to ensure the safety and well-being of patients under their roof. A hospital often needs to deal with patients and visitors who may have heightened emotional states. As such, security teams can help de-escalate dangerous situations that might otherwise cause harm.

As patients move around, or if there are concerns for their safety for any reason, security services are useful to escort patients. They can make sure the person can get to where they need to go to receive care.

Hospitals also have several entrances that are kept open for regular use. These include ambulance bays, emergency exits, or other areas. A security guard company would ensure these locations have priority when it comes to ensuring people do not enter the building.

5. Education Facilities

These days, there are certain realities people face when it comes to schooling. This includes the need for an armed security guard on the school site.

These staff not only ensure the children’s direct safety. They also run required drills and ensure emergency preparedness from both students and staff. In some cases, they even have a reputation for dealing with many other issues on the school premises.

After hours, security teams can also patrol the school, ensuring no students sneak in for any reason. This prevents vandalism and theft, and can also ensure the privacy of on-site student records.

6. Gambling Locations

Casinos are lively at all times of the day. Security is imperative to ensure casino floor surveillance at all times and to ensure cheating or fraud does not occur. If it does, staff need to respond fast and effectively, not only removing the offender but acting as a deterrent to others.

Security officers can make sure local regulations are enforced. This means that they can remove people from the location who might be skirting the law, such as people gambling before the legal age.

Should a high-roller or big winner emerge, security staff can liaise with them to make sure they get out of the building with their winnings. This offers a good reputation to any company that makes use of a well-trained security team to handle their safety.

Finding the Best Security Guards for Hire

These six examples are only a few of the industries where security guards for hire would improve the safety of people and assets in the workplace. If you work in one of these areas in Ohio or LA, you should think about contacting us.

Our security guard services can handle any type of business and security arrangement you might need. So, contact us today and let us know how we can help you moving forward.